Wayman Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church is located in the historic Stateburg section of Sumter County.

The church began as a bush-tent where the African American community members came to worship.  The exact dated of the founding of the church is not known, but it was more than a century ago, and the year 2012 marked the 142nd year since construction of a building at the current site.  The church land was donated by the Anderson and White families that owned the historic Borough Plantation located near the church.

The church was originally called “Borough Church” then later, “Stateburg Church”. The name was changed to Wayman Chapel in honor of the Reverend Alexander W. Wayman, who was elected as the seventh Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Since its original construction circa 1870, the church has grown and changed through renovations in 1948, and remodeling in 1991.  There were 48 families involved in the formation of this church. We are proud of our heritage, our culture, our history and African Methodist Episcopal mores, but most of all we are blessed descendants of the saints who gave Wayman Chapel Church its beginning.

The year 1997 marked the groundbreaking for the multi-purpose family life center.  The Wayman Chapel Family Life Center was completed in 1998 with dedication services on May 31, 1998.

The motto of Wayman Chapel invites all to worship as it states, “The House of Prayer is Always Open, and a Welcoming God Stands at the Doorway.  He and We Welcome You.”